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Aug 022016
Saj Bakery in Granada Hills

Saj Bakery in Granada Hills

Saj Bakery, serving authentic Lebanese cuisine is “well-hidden” in the Balboa Mission Square in Granada Hills. Don’t let the appearances deceive you: the open kitchen, huge ovens and Shawarma grills serving authentic Lebanese cuisine attract customers from allover! Come lunchtime, the line to the cash register reaches the door…

Editor: What does the word “Saj” stand for?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Oh, no! Saj is traditional bread popular in Middle Eastern countries. It is baked on a domed or convex metal griddle, known as Saj. The bread is delicious, thin, and healthy.

Editor: That’s one mystery solved! Would you tell us about your bakery and its menu?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Saj Bakery is family-owned. Everything we serve is made with love like we make it for ourselves. Like my Mom makes it at home. Everything has her touch….

Editor: You mean the dishes you serve are based on your family’s recipes?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Yes!

Editor: I’ve been at Saj Bakery at breakfast time and lunchtime. The place is packed! I looked at your customers: they are of all ethnic backgrounds. I didn’t know that Lebanese food is so popular.

Owner of Saj Bakery: Lebanese food is healthy, tasty and has many fans. As for our popularity, believe it or not, it has grown through word of mouth. People may come to us by accident but they return on purpose and yes, they spread the word to their families and friends.

Editor: I’ve seen Saj Bakery’s glowing customers’ reviews on Yelp.

Owner of Saj Bakery: I have to admit that I’m humbled and proud that our customers are so generous with their praise.

Editor: Would you tell us about the food and the menu?

Owner of Saj Bakery: The food we are serving is Iranian with the addition of the Lebanese flavor. The menu ranges from Shawarma to Falafel and Humus; there are Middle Eastern sweet treats and more!

Editor: I’ve seen a lot of fresh vegetables, too…

Owner of Saj Bakery: Our food is 100% natural and we have made a strong commitment to keeping it that way. It is prepared fresh every day at our location by using only the best ingredients. We will never use preservatives, or artificial ingredients.
We also prepare and serve a lot of Manakeesh, traditional Lebanese pies. The pies are served with many different toppings. We put the dough with the topping in a stone oven and serve it hot.

Editor: If I understand you correctly, these are hot sandwiches, right?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Yes and they are delicious! I’d also like to mention that throughout our menu there are choices for both carnivores and vegetarians. Our meals are available to eat in and as take-out. Catering is also available.

With all the confidence we have in the Lebanese food we serve, even we are surprised by the demand and the popularity of Saj Bakery!

Editor: I think it’s the food and your welcoming staff. One more question, if I may, what is the secret of Saj Bakery’s success?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Good quality food, made with love and care, extreme cleanliness (we have A rating) and the best possible customer service.

Editor: The food is healthy: who knew that Lebanese food is in essence Mediterranean food: short on fat, rich in lean meat and vegetables? A close look at the menu reveals items recommended by today’s nutritionists, like humus, for instance. Discover Saj Bakery and try its Lebanese cuisine, they are popular for good reason: their “good for you food” is actually fantastic!

Saj Bakery
11146 Balboa Blvd,
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Phone: (818) 368-4000

(Interview with the Owner of Saj Bakery is based on interview published by Anything L.A. Magazine and reprinted with permission)