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L.A. Cuisine ABC


L.A. Fine Dining

One could argue that it involves the sense of taste only but it wouldn’t be entirely true. If you’ve ever looked at a particularly enticing meal, food, dessert or even a photo of food and craved it, you know that we “eat” with our eyes, too.
Finding a restaurant that serves savory cuisine in a pleasing environment that matches your preferences, mood and purpose makes a meal even more satisfying.

Well, truly fine dining must have three distinctive qualities:

  • impressive location, interior design and ambience
  • exquisite menu of masterfully prepared and presented dishes and desserts (it could feature any type of cuisine!)
  • impeccable service

L.A. French Cuisine

French cuisine is renowned for being one of the world’s finest with rich flavors and long history.

The most traditional form of French cuisine (haute cuisine) is characterized by classic, heavy French sauces such as espagnole, velouté, and béchamel. It has brought us also lavish pastries and souffles.

Modern nouvelle cuisine replaced the creamy sauces with innovative use of fresh herbs, butter, lemon juice, and vinegar and introduced the technique of rotisserie which reduces fat.

Today’s French cuisine is usually a happy medium between the two with emphasis on creativity, presentation, steamed vegetables and limiting fat. In any of the three variations, French food retains its character and fleur.

A meal in a French restaurant – be it upscale dining or a modest bistro – is an experience for the eyes and taste buds.

L.A. Italian Cuisine

Italian restaurants – in L.A. and anywhere else in the world – are a beloved classic here to stay.

The mood is set by their rich use of red in their interiors and by Italian food that’s flavorful but also creamy and comforting thanks to rich sauces, many varieties of pizza, pasta and generous use of cheese. Enough said.

L.A. Japanese Cuisine

Japanese food is distinctly different from other cuisines. Japan is quite small and surrounded by the ocean which explains Japanese affinity for seafood and Japanese mastery in preparing it. No, seafood isn’t the only staple of Japanese food but perhaps the most characteristic one. Rice and several types of noodles play a significant role in Japanese culinary arts as well. On the other hand, meat and poultry consumption in Japan is much lower than in the US.

The most popular Japanese dishes requested in L.A. Japanese restaurants are:

  • Sushi (vinegared rice, raw fish and horseradish)
  • Sashimi (raw, thinly slices fish and seafood, served without rice)
  • Tempura (shrimp, squid and vegetables dipped in batter and deep fried)

Like other cuisines of the Far East, Japanese diet is credited for being healthy because it is low in saturated fat.

L.A. Mexican Cuisine

In L.A. we know Mexican food well. For those of you who may not know it yet, here are a few interesting facts about Mexican cuisine.

Mexican cuisine is blend of several native Mexican culinary traditions with a touch of European influence (most notably rice and cheese which were introduced to Mexico by Europeans).

Still, the staples of Mexican food are Mexico’s native ingredients: primarily corn, chili, beans and native spices. L.A. Mexican restaurants serve many dishes made of corn flour (masa) such as tamales, tortillas and gorditas with colorful vegetables, peppers, onions and garlic; often accompanied by refried beans and a hearty toping of cheese. The distinctly Mexican flavor comes from a variety of native spices, most notably chili, cilantro, epazote and cinnamon.

L.A. Vegan Cuisine

Are you looking for new L.A. Vegan Restaurant or just trying to understand what the word “vegan” stands for?

If you’re trying to figure out what vegan food is, the explanation follows. Philosophically speaking, vegans are opposed to cruelty to animals; are staunch supporters of environmental preservation and wise management of natural resources. (Raising farm animals for slaughter is unacceptable to vegans).

In this spirit, vegan diet emphasizes the consumption of fruits and vegetables and excludes all animal products. These are foods vegans choose not to eat:

  • meat, fish, animal fats
  • milk, cheese, yogurt and other milk products
  • eggs
  • honey

I’m not a vegan myself but just by describing the vegan diet, I noticed that it closely resembles dietary guidelines for cancer prevention, INTERESTING…. Isn’t it?

L.A. Kosher Cuisine

If you’re checking L.A. kosher restaurants, you already know what “kosher” stands for.

For the rest of us here is a brief explanation: kosher food is food that is chosen and prepared in accordance with Hebrew religion.
In Hebrew, “Kashrus” means “pure” and there is a comprehensive set of rules that control the choice and treatment of foods as well as a strictly endorsed certification of kosher foods.

Among the animals and fish that can be consumed by a person who follows kosher diet are cows, veal, sheep, lamb and goat, plus chicken, goose, duck and turkey. The only fish fit to eat by an observant Hebrew are those that have scales and fins (herring, tuna, salmon); such seafood as shellfish is a non-no.

The Hebrew religion prohibits people from inflicting pain on animals which is why animals slaughtered for food are killed in the least painful and fastest way.

Once the animal is slaughtered every effort is made to remove the skin, veins and blood from the meat: the meat is being soaked in water and then rested in a bed of salt.

Interesting isn’t it? Since we eat more often than we worship, eating in accordance with one’s religion makes even the process of eating – to some degree – a religious experience.

Whether you’re Jewish or not, you may want to try Kosher food. I gather that it is chosen wisely, with animals treated humanely and turned into delicious dishes. Others will tell you of the benefits of kosher food for your health. Most – who have tried Jewish cuisine – will tell you that it is hearty. You’ll be surprised to see just how many traditionally Jewish food items you are already buying and eating.

Last but not least, our staple:

California Cuisine

A stylish and tasty blend of fusion cuisine and local, fresh ingredients, presented as to delight the senses….